Prioritizing Learning and Development for Business Success

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Prioritizing Learning and Development for Business Success

Growth is the lifeblood of any business. Learning and Development is the catalyst in scaling companies. Without L&D, companies can easily become stagnant and lose employees, which translates to a loss in market share.

Leading companies know the value of L&D and put their budgets where their voices are! In 2023 SMEs are spending $1,207 on average per employee annually on continued education. Larger global corporations are investing between $1600 and $2,500 per employee annually on L&D. These programs create a continual learning culture attracting talent, fresh ideas, and prosperous energy.

It’s not just about personal growth – L&D also helps with employee retention. In fact, a whopping 93% of employees say that investing in career development is a reason they stay in their current job. So, if you want your business to succeed, make sure you prioritise learning and development for your team or workforce

Of course, implementing L&D programs into your corporate ecosystem is easier said than done. A survey from @Oracle found that the primary training obstacles for organisations are a lack of time for training, insufficient training, and irrelevant training.

However, providing quality on-demand learning in the workplace is not an easy task.  On average,  it takes 3-5 months to produce a single course. The study also revealed that employers are not offering enough training in convenient “on-the-go” formats, such as on-demand courses that can be watched on their smartphone devices.

genconnectU solves this problem by providing on-demand eCourses to corporate management and their workforces. Their personalised solutions bundle video-driven e-courses tailor-made for enterprises, industries and teams. This enables the company to address its specific employees’ needs and demands in order to unlock their true potential. gcU courses are designed for busy professionals, delivering top-notch content through engaging and visually stunning videos that make learning a breeze!

Who delivers the content is also critical to the learning outcome. genconnectU’s roster of best-in-class, industry-leading experts ensures companies of a consistent, high-quality learning experience for their employees. Each course includes the delivery of cutting-edge certifications and, in many cases, CPD credits upon completion. These on-demand courses both reward your employees while keeping them up to date with the latest trends and strengthen their soft skills.

To help your teams deliver their best work yet, contact genconnectU to explore new paths to upskill and engage your workforce. If your company is further along and already has an L&D in-house LMS, genconnectU’s credentialed content can be seamlessly integrated into any LMS. This allows you to offer new content led by brilliant instructors effortlessly!

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