It’s never too late to start writing – Interview with Sinéad Moriarty

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It’s never too late to start writing - Interview with Sinéad Moriarty


I really want to spread that message and to share tips on writing, getting started, finishing a book, getting published, and dealing with knock backs and failure.

Believe me, I experienced failure before success came along.

I have always wanted to record a masterclass to share my experience with other aspiring writers, book lovers and readers.

I am delighted to have been able to record a detailed masterclass with genconnectU. It includes everything I’ve learned in twenty years as a full time writer and all in one lesson.

I was born and raised in Dublin where I grew up surrounded by books. Our house was literally falling down with books. They were piled high in every room.

My mother is the author of six non-fiction children’s books. She wrote short biographies for teenagers on Irish historical figures like WB Yeats and James Joyce.

Growing up, I was inspired by watching my mother writing at the kitchen table, and then being published.

After university, I went to live in Paris and then London. It was at the age of thirty, while working as a journalist in London, that I finally plucked up the courage and began to write creatively. I wrote in my spare time, after work, at lunch times … and, truth be told, during work hours.

After a couple of years trying to get published and failing miserably, I joined a creative writing group and began to write “The Baby Trail.” It’s a bitter-sweet comedy of a couple struggling to conceive (inspired by my own fertility struggles).

Thankfully, it hit a nerve in publishing circles and was snapped up by Penguin Random House. It has, to date, been translated into twenty-five languages.

Since writing “The Baby Trail,” I have moved back to Dublin where I live with my husband and three children (yes, I got very lucky on my own baby trail!).

I have since written fifteen novels and one children’s book. My new adult novel, “About Us,” went straight to number one and my first children’s book, “The New Girl,” has just been published and is in the top ten bestseller list.

I was a columnist with the Irish Independent for seven years, am the books ambassador for the Eason’s bookshop Must Reads book club and have been on the board of the Arts Council.

I am a passionate advocate of authors, reading, and the book industry in general.

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