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From the Great Resignation to the Great Transformation – A Conscious Leader’s Choice

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From the Great Resignation to the Great Transformation – A Conscious Leader’s Choice

Is there a great resignation or are we actually experiencing a new global shift in work culture?
I recently had the pleasure of speaking at Advertising Week Europe with Ruth Mortimer, Global President of Advertising Week. Our topic was a bit out of the box compared to the plethora of interesting panels on stages discussing brand building and data analysis.

Ruth and I spoke about the current trends in learning and development and the effects that eLearning can have on corporate cultures. We connected the dots of L&D to the retention and happy employees …and made our case that the desire to upskill workforces begins with conscious leadership.

You see, we think that this challenge of the “Great Resignation” that is infused in every HR conversation today is not helpful. The solution resides in helping employees transform their jobs into careers… that they love.

There is not a great resignation…but rather a great transformation!

That transformation was ignited by Covid and the abrupt isolation that we were all experiencing globally. Once we could no longer fuel our curiosity with binging on Netflix, many of us shifted to exercises of introspection. It is that introspection that ignited a desire to transform our careers, homes and lives. But how do we advance without the necessary skills?

72% of CEO’s worry about the competencies and key skills of their workforce.

Businesses are hemorrhaging staff because we are not training and skilling up our future leaders fast enough. Where is the training most needed? In the soft skills, or what we at genconnectU call the Human Skills.

As Ruth opened our talk with, It all starts with people. In fact, 90% of everything is about people. And that brings us to the tip of the funnel where decisions can be made which impact healthy change.

Conscious leadership begins with worrying more about the people in your company than yourself and the bottom line. When you begin to look closely at the skills that your employees need not just to do their jobs but to be happy in their jobs, you will discover innovative solutions to the retention issue. L&D is no longer a nice to have but a need to have.

Conscious leaders around the world are prioritizing L&D into their budgets and workforce schedules. We look forward to watching as they begin to enjoy transformations rather than resignations in their companies.

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