Activating Customer Engagement

Amanda Slavin - Founder & CEO, CatalystCreativ

Welcome to “Activating Customer Engagement,” a course designed to help businesses create authentic connections with their customers. Led by Amanda Slavin, an esteemed educator and Forbes 30 under 30 honoree. 

In today’s market, engaging customers is more challenging than ever before. Customers are sophisticated, and it is  difficult to convert a disengaged customer into an engaged one. Identifying where our customers fall within the levels of engagement is crucial to our success. With countless AI generated messages on social media competing for our audience’s attention, it is essential for companies to create a community, leverage social tools, and personalize interactions with their customers.

By making the customer the hero of your brand, you can achieve increased engagement, loyalty, and growth for your business. Join us in this exciting course and discover how to build meaningful connections with your customers while increasing your sales. 



Activating Customer Engagement with Amanda Slavin Intro


The course “Activating Customer Engagement” is designed to help businesses build meaningful connections with their customers. By the end of this course, you will have the tools to enhance customer engagement, increase loyalty, and drive growth for your business.

Learning outcomes for the course “Enhancing Customer Engagement”:

  • Prepare for growth by framing business goals and developing a roadmap to success
  • Understand the different levels of customer engagement and identify where your business stands
  • Develop a framework for successful customer activation and create a catalyst statement
  • Create deep and meaningful connections with customers through exercises like “Breathe”
  • Learn how to map the customer journey and identify roadblocks and distractions
  • Clarify and refine your messaging to create a cohesive customer journey
  • Conduct effective customer listening and use personas to better understand your target audience
  • Analyze your competitors and industry to find your niche and stand out
  • Develop effective calls to action and connect them to the customer journey
  • Create an incentive strategy to increase engagement and loyalty
  • Become a thought leader in your industry and create unique engagement opportunities
  • Implement user-generated content and reward brand advocates to make customers feel seen and heard
  • Make your customer the hero of your brand.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1

Activate - Kickstart your Customer Engagement

  • The Seventh Level

  • Activating Your Customers - A Framework for Success

  • Creating Deep and Meaningful Customer Connection

  • Breathe: An Exercise to Connect

  • Create Your Catalyst Statement

  • Create Your Catalyst Statement Worksheet

  • Preparing For Growth: Framing Business Goals

  • Set Your Goals Exercise

  • Course Framework Slide


5 lessons, 5 Videos + 4 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 2

Disengagement: Identify Who, What, Where and What Your Customer Is - Level 1

  • The First Point of Customer Contact

  • Level 1 Overview Slides

  • A Story of Disengagement to Engagement

  • The Who, the How and the Where of the Customer

  • Identify and Analyze Your Customers

  • Research Your Industry - Find your Niche

  • How to Analyze your Competitors

  • Effective Customer Listening

  • Who Do You Survey?

  • The Human Behind the Metric

  • Competitor Analysis Worksheet - Digital

  • Develop Your Client Personas WorkSheet

  • Competitor Analysis Worksheet- General


10 lessons, 10 Videos + 3 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 3

Unsystematic Engagement - Level 2

  • Clarifying Confusion

  • Competitor Branding Analysis Overview

  • Visual Branding Analysis

  • Self-Analysis of Your Messaging

  • Branding - An Aspirational Analysis

  • Design Analysis - Bring it all Together

  • Branding Self Analysis WorkSheet - Messaging

  • Aspirational Brand Design Worksheet

  • Competitor Branding Worksheet - Messaging

  • Level 2 Overview Slide


6 lessons, 6 Videos + 4 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 4

Frustrated Engagement: The Customer Journey - Level 3

  • From Awareness to Conversion

  • Overcoming Distractions and Roadblocks

  • Customer Journey Worksheet

  • Map the Journey to Your Goals

  • Level 3 Overview Slide


2 lessons, 2 Videos + 3 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 5

Structure Dependent Engagement - Level 4

  • The Purchaser's Journey: Calls to Action

  • Create Simple CTAs to Convert

  • Being Intentional and Strategic - Ask the Right Questions

  • Connecting the CTA to the Customer Journey

  • Content Strategy for Social Media

  • Building Conversations that Convert

  • Your Roadmap to Success

  • Content Strategy Worksheet


7 lessons, 7 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet + Quiz

Chapter 6

Self-Regulated Interest: Increasing Engagement - Level 5

  • Ask For More, Get More - Incentivize Your Customer

  • How to Integrate your Incentives

  • Sweetening the Deal With Incentives

  • Discover the Right Influencer

  • Your Roadmap to Success

  • Influencer Strategy Worksheet

  • Incentive Strategy Worksheet

  • Level 5 Overview Slide


5 lessons, 5 Videos + 3 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 7

Critical Engagement: Be an Industry Thought Leader - Level 6

  • Delight and Inspire Your New Community

  • Critical Engagement - Teaching Your Customers For Deeper Engagement

  • Move Beyond The Transactional - Make a Differance

  • Focus on Your USP to Discover Your Teaching Topics

  • Creating an Email Series to Provide Value

  • Email Series Worksheet

  • Level 6 Overview Slides


5 lessons, 5 Videos + 2 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 8

Literate Thinking: Delight - Level 7

  • Segment your Brand Advocates - Loyalty rewarded

  • The Importance of Feeling Seen and Heard

  • How To Make Your Customer the Hero

  • Implementing User Generated Content For Success

  • Direction for the Thank-You Exercise

  • Making Your Customer Feel Seen and Heard Exercise

  • Thank-You Exercise

  • Final Workbook

  • Level 7 Overview

  • Final Assessment

  • Course Survey


8 lessons, 6 Videos + 3 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + 1 Quiz


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