Dr. Jay Kumar

Co-Founder, Applied Brain Science Research Institute (ABSRI)

About This Expert

Jay Kumar, Ph.D. is the former Director of Wellbeing at Chapman University, author of “Science of a Happy Brain”, and presenter of the TEDx talk “How to Heal America’s Traumatised Brain.” He is an internationally recognised public speaker, thought leader, and academic, whose expertise spans brain science, behavioural health, economics, politics, culture, and religion. A speaker and consultant for Fortune 100 companies, Dr. Jay utilises scientifically proven insights from brain science and behaviour to optimise workplace wellness and organisational resilience. He is frequently featured in media stories—most recently in the New YorkTimes—focusing on the science of happiness. He also holds a Master’s degree from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University in international political economy.

Continuing Professional Development Certified

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