Train Your Brain for Building Trust

Dr. Jay Kumar - Co-Founder, Applied Brain Science Research Institute (ABSRI)

Embark on a cerebral metamorphosis with “Training Your Brain,” a course guided by corporate leadership luminary and mental well-being authority, Dr. Jay Kumar. Explore the inner workings of high-performance organizations by delving into the insights of their most-effective leaders. 

Many leaders overlook the significance of social and psychological awareness in their role. While industry-specific expertise is valuable, achieving optimal results in an organization requires understanding how to cultivate a positive environment for employees. Leaders who prioritize the psychological well-being of their team members are better equipped to unlock their full potential and drive success within the organization. Dr. Jay is a leader who acknowledges this importance and has placed a strong emphasis on it throughout his distinguished career.

Throughout the course, you will uncover essential leadership traits aimed at reassuring and inspiring your team. Your comprehension of these traits will be enriched through an exploration of the neuroscience behind them.

Dr. Jay’s captivating instructional method, along with his innovative models, will ignite your motivation to incorporate these concepts into your unique leadership journey, whether you’re aspiring or currently leading. Additionally, as a team member, it will aid you in pinpointing any shortcomings within your current organization.

Get ready to introspect with Dr. Jay!




Building on the foundation laid by Dr. Jay’s “The Science of Successful Leadership,” this course aims to guide current and aspiring leaders on training their brains to adopt a human-centric approach to leadership.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Lead with Direction: Discover the quintessential leadership trait
  • Cultivate Trust: Lay the foundation of a successful organization
  • Break the Cycle: Uncover stress origins in low-trust environments
  • Dissect the Social Brain: Understand the role of neurochemicals
  • Embrace Social Synchrony: Harness the power of mirroring
  • Foster Connection: Explore the art of building high-trust environments
  • Uncover the Why: Reflect on the Impact of Trust on Organizations

This course is packed with practical exercises, dynamic models, interactive quizzes, and actionable insights designed specifically for your leadership journey. By the end, you’ll have the tools to effectively train your brain to elevate your leadership skills.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1

Unlocking the Leaders

  • Lesson 1: The Quintessential Leadership Trait

  • Lesson 2: Foundations of Trust - the 3 Ts

  • Lesson 3: The Hard Facts About Trust

  • Lesson 4: Synchrony and the Social Brain

  • Lesson 5: Oxytocin - Kindness in the Brain


5 lessons, 5 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 2

Trust and the Brain

  • Lesson 1: The Stress Loop in Low-Trust Environments

  • Lesson 2: The Role of the Social Nervous System

  • Lesson 3: The Power of Social Synchrony


3 lessons, 3 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 3

Low-Trust vs High-Trust Workplaces

  • Lesson 1: The Downfall of Low-Trust Organizations

  • Lesson 2: Communication Breakdowns in Low-Trust Settings

  • Lesson 3: Creativity in High-Trust Environments

  • Lesson 4: The Upside of High-Trust Organizations

  • Lesson 5: Low-Trust vs High-Trust Organizations Workbook


4 lessons, 4 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet + Quiz

Chapter 4

Psycho-Social Safety Builds Trust

  • Lesson 1 : What is Psycho-Social Safety?

  • Lesson 2: Introduction to Psycho-Social Safety Exercise

  • Lesson 3: Psychological Safety Exercise


2 lessons, 2 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet + Quiz

Chapter 5

Communicate and Influence with Trust

  • Lesson 1: The 4 Expressions of Trust for Human-Centered Leadership

  • Lesson 2: Cultivating Curiosity

  • Lesson 3: Awareness and Authenticity

  • Lesson 4: Embracing Vulnerability

  • Lesson 5: The Role of Empathy

  • Lesson 6: The Neuroscience of Trust - Why It Matters


6 lessons, 6 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 6


  • The Trust Paradigm in Leadership

  • Final Assessment

  • Course Survey


3 lessons, 1 Video + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + 1 Quiz

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