The Four Accelerators to a Sustainable Workplace Culture

Elisa Camahort Page - Founder, Author, Community Builder,

Through a series of engaging lessons, you’ll explore the critical accelerators of workplace culture: Access, Acknowledgement, Advancement, and Tackling Toxic Leadership. These elements are the building blocks of a strong, resilient workplace culture. You’ll learn how to harness these forces to create an environment where every team member can thrive.

The course combines theoretical insights with practical applications, enabling you to apply your learning directly to your workplace. Interactive exercises, and case studies,  will equip you with the skills and confidence to enact positive change, no matter your position within your organization.

Whether you’re a seasoned leader, an aspiring manager, or a team member seeking growth, this course provides the knowledge and tools necessary to foster a dynamic and inclusive workplace. Let’s shape a future where workplace culture is a lived reality, driving success and fulfilment for everyone involved.


The Four Accelerator's Intro


The curriculum for this course offers an in-depth exploration of workplace culture’s essential role in driving business success. Engage with thought-provoking lessons and real-world case studies that dissect the nuances of creating effective policies, fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, and nurturing innovation.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Decode Workplace Culture: Uncover the layers of workplace culture and its influence on business operations.
  • Policy Transformation: Transform good intentions into effective policies that genuinely impact diversity, equity, inclusion, and innovation.
  • Culturally Aligned Practices: Master the art of culturally sensitive hiring, employee growth, and innovation.
  • Enhance Access and Acknowledgement: Improve organizational access and acknowledgement to foster collaboration and employee recognition.
  • Career Advancement Strategies: Develop effective career advancement strategies to prevent stagnation and neglect.
  • Tackle Toxic Leadership: Learn to identify and address toxic leadership within your organization.
  • Balance Culture and Process: Grasp the delicate balance between culture and process for organizational alignment and success.


Course Curriculum

Chapter 1

Setting the Table: Defining Culture

  • Lesson 1: Defining Workplace Culture

  • Lesson 2: Your Culture is Your Status Quo

  • Lesson 3: You Can’t Just Change the People to Change the Culture

  • Lesson 4: Defining Workplace Culture Interactive Workbook


3 lessons, 3 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet + Quiz

Chapter 2

Intention vs. Impact in Workplace Culture

  • Lesson 1: Defining Intention vs. Impact in Policy-Making

  • Lesson 2: Case Study 1 - Accommodating Remote Workers in a Hybrid Culture

  • Lesson 3: Case Study 2 - When Great DEI Intentions Meet the 14-Month Mark

  • Lesson 4: Case Study 3 - Innovation Practices Gone Awry

  • Lesson 5: DIEB Culture: The Canary in the Coalmine

  • Lesson 6: Measuring Success and Accountability in a Workplace Culture Context


6 lessons, 6 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 3

Culture in Action

  • Lesson 1: Hiring Practices

  • Lesson 2: Employee Development and Advancement

  • Lesson 3: Innovation Practices

  • Lesson 4: Creating a Employee Handbook

  • Lesson 5: Organizational Language Traditions

  • Lesson 6: Assessing Hiring Practices Exercise


5 lessons, 5 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet + Quiz

Chapter 4

The First Accelerator: Access

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Your Part in the Big Picture

  • Lesson 2: De-silo Interaction and Collaboration Across Teams and Functions

  • Lesson 3: Command Chain Visibility

  • Lesson 4: Resources: From Info to Budget

  • Lesson 5: The Opposite of Access is Isolation

  • Lesson 6: The Message a Lack of Access Sends to Employees

  • Lesson 7: Three Easy Ways to Improve Access


7 lessons, 7 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 5

The Second Accelerator: Acknowledgement

  • Lesson 1: Praise and Recognition

  • Lesson 2: Discover Your Team's Love Language

  • Lesson 3: Being Recognized in Ways That Are Individually Meaningful

  • Lesson 4: Maximizing Autonomy and Minimizing Micromanaging

  • Lesson 5: Acknowledgment: A Year-Round Practice

  • Lesson 6: The Opposite of Acknowledgement is Invisibility

  • Lesson 7: Three Easy Steps to Improve Acknowledgement


7 lessons, 7 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 6

The Third Accelerator: Advancement

  • Lesson 1: Knowing the Potential Paths Ahead of You

  • Lesson 2: Evolution of Self

  • Lesson 3: The Opposite of Advancement is Stagnation

  • Lesson 4: The Message a Lack of Advancement Sends Employees

  • Lesson 5: Three Easy Ways to Improve Advancement


5 lessons, 5 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 7

The Fourth Accelerator: Tackling Toxic Leadership

  • Lesson 1: People Leave Bosses More Than Organizations

  • Lesson 2: Anti-Awful-Bosses Policies

  • Lesson 3: The Opposite of Instituting Anti-Awful-Bosses Policies is Rewarding Awful Geniuses

  • Lesson 4: The Message Rewarding Awful Geniuses Sends to Your Team

  • Lesson 5: Three Easy Ways to Institute Anti-Awful-Bosses Policies


5 lessons, 5 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 8

Aligning Your Workplace Issues with the Sustainable Culture Accelerators

  • Lesson 1: Which Came First - The Culture or The Process Change?

  • Lesson 2: Overcoming Resistance to Change

  • Lesson 3: The Final Four Takeaways

  • Lesson 4: Aligning Your Workplace Issues with the Sustainable Culture Accelerators Interactive Workbook

  • Final Assessment

  • Course Survey


4 lessons, 2 Videos + 2 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + 1 Quiz

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