Academic Certification

genconnectU only partners with recognised experts within their respective fields. Every person who completes a course with us receives a certificate which can be utilised if growing within your company or in a new job search. As part of our global growth strategy, we work with local bodies of accreditation to certify our courses in each locality that we operate in.

Broaden Soft Skills

Our video driven content focuses on the areas of; career, finance, health, technology and inspiration. Utilise our experts to broaden your soft skills, be they inter personal development, inner motivational or broad strategic decision making.

Enhance your career

Our experts have reached the pinnacle of their chosen career paths, follow their lead and utilise our course content to enhance your own career today!

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Our Partnerships

genconnectU partners with leading companies worldwide to ensure that our content is always at the cutting edge of what is being offered in Edtech. Recently we partnered with Linkedin learning as an official partner. Why not contact us to learn about other partnerships we have fostered.

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