GCU Speaks is your personal connection to the perfect speaker for your next meeting or workshop. We partner with some of the world’s most inspiring, talented and experienced experts to help motivate, educate and impact your employees, customers and stakeholders. Our personal relationship with our experts provides you with the access and customized storytelling needed to leave your audience awe-struck and motivated.

GCU Speaks brings you:

  • An Expert Community of Motivational Speakers
  • Cutting Edge Topics that are relevant and scale conversations
  • A Wide Range of Expertise
  • Engagement tools to help Upskill Your Organization
  • Evergreen learning through Personalized eCourses
  • Rewards and certificates that Empower your audience
  • Live Stream events post-event to amplify the messaging and engagement

Sadly, even the most dynamic presentation is quickly forgotten within days of an event. By gifting your audience with a branded course code, they can unlock the brilliant messages and wisdom delivered at your event whenever and wherever they like, for as long as they like! It’s our unique evergreen touch that ensures you of money well spent!

GCU Speaks represents an array of the world’s most prominent experts who speak across a wide range of subjects to motivate, engage and ignite intentional change in organizations. Topics range across today’s most in-demand subjects including leadership, business, personal development, DEI&B, financial wellness, health & wellbeing, technology and education.

Our global experts are true authoritative voices, coaches, authors, Ted Speakers, and celebrities.

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