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Mary started her career in social work. After many years managing large care facilities and working withpeople with profound and multiple disabilities, she made the unusual jump into large-scale corporate consulting. From her unique perspective she found that her deep insights into human behaviour and development brought a fresh perspective in creating positive change. She has developed a loyal client basis over the last 20 years.Through her work with global companies on their transformation challenges she observed that inequality is often baked into how organisations work. Her second book the best-selling The Female Edge tackled inequality for women in business, but her third book goes further and looks at how inequality effects everyone and what can be done to address it.Mary returns with The Inclusion Edge, a practical guide for business leaders struggling to get to grips with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I). Based on her extensive business experience, as well as her own lived experience of discrimination, Mary brings insights and strategies that are both achievable and affordable.Mary’s deep passion is about helping to bring more equality to the business world through compassion, kindness and understanding. Her work has impacted dozens of global clients and hundreds of leaders around the world. Mary developed the BELONG model as a way for leaders to confidently create cultures that celebrate belonging. In addition to being a published author, a Chartered Fellow of CIPD (UK) and an expert in behavioural change, DE&I and employee engagement, she has an MSc and MBA. Mary is a popular corporate speaker, a regular contributor to business press and an in-demand female and executive coach. She lives in Oxfordshire with her loving partner, Joy, and when she is not writing, coaching and advising, will be found in a corner reading a book.

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