Amanda Slavin

Founder & CEO, CatalystCreativ

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Six years ago Amanda founded CatalystCreativ with Tony Hsieh and currently serves as the CEO. CatalystCreativ is an award-winning creative marketing firm that has worked with fortune 100 companies and a plethora of startups and nonprofits such as Coke, NPR, Dell, The Nature Conservancy on brand development, experiential & digital marketing with the intention to reach the highest level of engagement (the 7th level)* internally and externally.

Prior to CatalystCreativ, Amanda attended Neag School of Education at UConn Integrated Bachelor and Masters Program for Curriculum and Instruction. She wrote her thesis on using the community/nature-based learning as the classroom and the impact on engagement and achievement. Using Bangert-Drowns and Pykes engagement scale she developed the seventh level methodology that shows that there are seven levels of engagement in everything we do. While this started with education, Amanda has applied this methodology to marketing for the past 10 years.

Post graduating Cum Laude, Amanda joined Paige Hospitality Group in which she built the Events and Marketing department from the ground up. Amanda worked with brands such as Harley Davidson, Marquis Jets, LVMH, Fiji, Axe, and many others and spearheaded their grassroots marketing campaigns and helped develop the Ainsworth brand. She used her understanding of engagement from her masters year in understanding their customer audience in order to maintain customer loyalty. She remains a partner in the Paige Hospitality Group.

During this time at Paige, Amanda worked with numerous impact projects on the side in addition to creating charity connector, a nonprofit event series as a part of Paige Hospitality, utilizing their venues as spaces for up to 200 nonprofits to fundraise with no downside for the nonprofit. Amanda was also one of the first producers of the Global Festival, an event organizer for TedX Big Apple, and a content producer for Summit. She still serves on numerous advisory boards and is an active angel investor.

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