Louisa Meehan

Founder of Woodview HRM

About This Expert

Louisa Meehan is a dynamic HR and workplace mediation specialist with a rich professional portfolio spanning over a decade. As the founder and owner of Woodview HRM, she provides flexible HR solutions and workplace mediation. Her offerings range from creating employment contracts and relevant HR policies to assisting businesses in addressing employee-related issues promptly, allowing them to focus on their business priorities.

An accredited mediator with The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland Louisa utilizes her deep understanding of people and their complexities to resolve issues constructively. Her solution-focused approach enables organizations to retain control and devise creative,  solutions to conflicts, often avoiding the need for more costly formal processes.

Committed to continuous learning, Louisa keeps herself updated with the latest workplace mediation practices. In addition to her consultancy work, she also imparts her knowledge as a part-time lecturer at University College Dublin, teaching HRM and Organisational Behaviour.



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