Judy Woodruff

Co-Anchor and Managing Editor, The PBS NewsHour, PBS

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Judy Woodruff, renowned journalist, began her career in 1968 at WQXI-TV, an ABC affiliate. Transitioning to reporting for CBS, she notably covered the Georgia State Legislature. In 1975, she moved to NBC, gaining recognition for covering Jimmy Carter’s 1976 presidential campaign and later serving as a White House correspondent.

Woodruff joined PBS in 1983, becoming the chief Washington correspondent for The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour and hosting Frontline. She moderated the historic 1988 vice-presidential debate and consistently covered presidential conventions and campaigns.

She transitioned to CNN in 1993, anchoring Inside Politics and co-anchoring numerous other programs while moderating several presidential primary debates. Post-CNN, she taught at Harvard and Duke and hosted a monthly Bloomberg Television program.

Returning to PBS in 2006, Woodruff worked on a multimedia project before becoming a senior correspondent for The NewsHour, later serving as its sole anchor in 2016. Despite stepping down as anchor in 2022, Woodruff continues contributing to the program as a senior correspondent.

Woodruff is a member of  the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Council on Foreign Relations.

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