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Holly Rilinger is one of New York City’s premiere fitness experts. She is changing the game, delivering expertise and tough workouts wrapped up in motivational shout outs and impromptu dance parties. Holly is all about taking control of your life without ever taking yourself too seriously. Living every day with purpose, she is constantly looking to inspire change and reach for greatness. Her workouts are as tough as they come, but bundled with love, encouragement and laughter.

Her credentials are there to back it up – every imaginable fitness certification, contributing editor for Fitness Magazine, a Nike Master Trainer, brand ambassador for lululemon and Vitacoco and much more.

Holly’s passion for fitness is rooted in her professional and collegiate basketball career. At the age of 18, Holly was named by USA TODAY as the #1 freshman point guard in America. She went on to be James Madison’s All-Time Leading scorer (men or women) as well as a Strength and Conditioning All-American. As a pro, Holly traveled the world playing for teams in Germany, France, New Zealand, and finally making a cameo appearance with The WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury.

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