Web3 and the Metaverse: The New Frontier for Business

Lauren Ingram - Founder of Women of Web3, Becks Perfect - Creator of Nifty World,

Welcome to “Web3 and the Metaverse: The New Frontier for Business” This course aims to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, helping you to adapt and thrive in the rapidly changing business landscape.

We’re thrilled to have you join us on this enlightening journey led by Lauren Ingram and Becks Perfect, two industry pioneers who are spearheading the digital revolution. Together, they’ll help you navigate this new frontier and harness its endless opportunities for your career or business.

No matter your background or level of tech literacy, this course is designed to make Web3 easy and accessible. Welcome aboard, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together!


Web3 and the Metaverse Introduction


The rapid advancement of the digital landscape has brought us to a new frontier in technology. These elements have ushered in a wave of transformation, drastically altering the way we do business, interact and create value. In this course, “Web3 and the Metaverse: The New Frontier for Business” we will demystify these concepts and show you how to harness their potential.

Led by marketing leader and Women of Web3 founder Lauren Ingram, and NFT expert Becks Perfect, this course delivers comprehensive knowledge, practical applications, and a forward-thinking perspective on this transformative tech landscape.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the basics of Web3, NFTs, and the Metaverse.
  • Learn about key financial technologies and how to use them safely.
  • Grasp the value and use of NFTs in various sectors, including art and business.
  • Dive deep into the potentials of the Metaverse for businesses and individuals.
  • Understand the crucial role of diversity and inclusion in the Web3 space.
  • Learn how to future-proof your business with a solid Web3 strategy.
  • Acquire skills to avoid common scams and secure your digital assets.
  • Understand how to apply these concepts practically in your business or career.
  • Be part of an engaging community that leads the charge in Web3.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1

Web3 and NFTs Demystified

  • Lesson 1: Introduction

  • Lesson 2: Web3 and the Impact on Business

  • Lesson 3: What Exactly is Web3?

  • Lesson 4: What is an NFT?

  • Lesson 5: The Value of NFTs and NFT Communities

  • Lesson 6: Types of NFTs - PDF

  • Lesson 7: The Language of Web3 - Simplifying Core Concepts - PDF


5 lessons, 5 Videos + 2 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 2

Universal Terms to be Web3 Literate

  • Lesson 1: Master the Language for Social

  • Lesson 2: The Importance of Doxxing

  • Lesson 3: OpenSea and Your Digital Wallet

  • Lesson 4: Discord - Where Fans, Creators, and Brands Meet

  • Lesson 5: Web3 Vocabulary PDF - Doxxing, Opensea and Discord


5 lessons, 5 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 3

Show Me the Money - Crypto Vocabulary

  • Lesson 1: DeFi: A New Way to Bank

  • Lesson 2: Smart Contracts – Coding on the Blockchain

  • Lesson 3: Blockchain - The Technology that Makes Web3 Possible

  • Lesson 4: Crypto Demystified

  • Lesson 5: Your Crypto Wallet

  • Lesson 6: DAOs - Digital Cooperatives for the Future

  • Lesson 7: The Uses and Potential for DAOs


7 lessons, 7 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 4

Web3 Worlds - Endless Possibilities

  • Lesson 1: The Metaverse: Immerse Yourself in the New Frontier

  • Lesson 2: Virtual Offices & Events in the Metaverse - Endless Opportunities

  • Lesson 3: Making it Real with Digital Holograms!

  • Lesson 4: Using Digital Twins & Interoperability to Connect It All

  • Lesson 5: Avatars & Mixed Reality

  • Lesson 6: Cutting Edge Web3 Communities - PDF


5 lessons, 5 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet + Quiz

Chapter 5

Terms Critical to Web3 and Community

  • Lesson 1: The Focus of Web3 - Decentralization

  • Lesson 2: Play-To-Earn

  • Lesson 3: Creator Economy - New Freedom for Artists

  • Lesson 4: Gas & Staking - Handling Transaction Fees

  • Lesson 5: Decentralization and Web3 - PDF


4 lessons, 4 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet + Quiz

Chapter 6

What Does This Mean for My Business?

  • Lesson 1: Why Do We Need a Web3 Strategy?

  • Lesson 2: DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

  • Lesson 3: Make a Business Case Study For Your Industry

  • Lesson 4: How To Assemble a Web 3 Team

  • Lesson 5: Web 3 as a Springboard for a New Career


5 lessons, 5 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 7

The Future is Now - Embrace the Potential of Web3

  • Lesson 1: Fashion and Luxury Lead the Vanguard

  • Lesson 2: Flying High with Web3 Airline Loyalty Programs

  • Lesson 3: Finance Meets the Metaverse

  • Lesson 4: Thinking Outside the Box - The UN Embraces Web3

  • Lesson 5: The Telco Industry - Ripe For Change

  • Lesson 6: The Rise of WebAR

  • Lesson 7: Creating Connection With Phygitals - Exercise


6 lessons, 6 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet + Quiz

Chapter 8

Keep Your Money Safe!

  • Lesson 1: Key Security Concerns in Web3

  • Lesson 2: Your Digital Wallet - The First Step Forward

  • Lesson 3: How To Protect Your Web3 World - Seed Phrases

  • Lesson 4: Hot Wallet vs Cold Wallet

  • Lesson 5: Scams to Avoid - Bad Links

  • Lesson 6: Buyer Beware - Be Careful What You Sign For

  • Lesson 7: Watch Out For Social Swindlers

  • Lesson 8: The Rug Pull - An Old Game With a New Twist


8 lessons, 8 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 9

A Space For Equality

  • Lesson 1: Diversity in Web3 for Increased Success

  • Lesson 2: Three Steps to Inclusivity

  • Lesson 3: The Metaverse is For Everyone


3 lessons, 3 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 10

Integrate Your New Knowledge into the Real World

  • Lesson 1: Overcoming the Overwhelm

  • Lesson 2: Tips and Resources To Ride The Wave of Web3

  • Lesson 3: Learn by Doing - Taking Small Steps

  • Lesson 4: The Secret to Web3 is Community

  • Lesson 5: Lead the Charge at Work!


5 lessons, 5 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 11


  • Lesson 1: Outro

  • Lesson 2: Handy Web3 Links - PDF

  • Lesson 3: Web3 Vocabulary Cheatsheet - PDF

  • Lesson 4: Final Assessment

  • Exit Survey


3 lessons, 1 Video + 2 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + 1 Quiz

Web3 and The Metaverse for Your Business

In the realm of technology, new frontiers are reshaping business, social interaction, and even our identities. The shift from Web2 to Web3 marks an era of decentralized networks and user control. Alongside this, the Metaverse—a shared, immersive space—promises a revolution in how businesses operate.

Web3 aims to return control to users. Unlike today, where giants like Facebook and Google dominate data, Web3 lets users own their data and transactions. Enabled by blockchain, it allows for peer-to-peer interaction without middlemen. Imagine making a direct deal on an e-commerce site without sharing personal information with a central authority, or a social network where users earn ad revenue.

This user-focused framework offers fertile ground for innovation. With decentralized finance, companies can transact without third-party oversight, cutting costs and inefficiencies. Web3 also enables "smart contracts," self-executing agreements written directly into code, making business processes more seamless.

Metaverse Business Opportunities

The Metaverse expands Web3's potential into a spatial dimension. Envision walking through a virtual mall, interacting with products in 3D before making a purchase. Businesses can acquire digital real estate to set up shops or galleries. The Metaverse isn't just about browsing products; it's about experience.

But what makes Web3 and the Metaverse truly promising isn't just the tech; it’s a shift in user behavior. Younger generations want more participatory, meaningful experiences. They’re not just consumers but creators and stakeholders in these new digital realms. Businesses that tap into this sense of community can redefine customer loyalty.

As we approach this digital frontier, the question is not merely how businesses will adapt, but how they'll lead. The opportunities are vast and up for grabs. Web3 and the Metaverse aren’t just buzzwords; they’re the new frontiers in business.

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