Impact Investing with Plant-based Innovation

Elysabeth Alfano - CEO, VegTech™ Invest,

Welcome to ‘Impact Investing with Plant-based Innovation’, an enlightening course designed by genconnectU and facilitated by Elysabeth Alfano, CEO of VegTech™ Invest and leading strategist in the plant-based sector. Elysabeth’s profound industry expertise and experience breathe life into this journey, offering learners a rich and authentic exploration of the burgeoning field of sustainable investing.

In this course, you’ll dive into the exciting intersection of investment in the public markets and sustainability, examining the tangible impacts of investment decisions on our environment, society, and future. It is an exploration designed to equip you with the knowledge, insights, and tools required to align your investment strategies with your ethical values, and passion for a more sustainable world.



Impact Investing with Elysabeth Alfano Introduction


Course Description

Impact Investing with Plant-based Innovation’ offers a comprehensive understanding of how sustainable investments, specifically in plant-based innovations, can shape the future. It provides students with crucial tools to make informed decisions that balance profit potential with positive environmental and societal impacts.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand the principles of impact investing and learn to balance profit potential with positive change.
  • Gain insights into plant-based investing, its origins, major players, and its role in transforming traditional food industries.
  • Explore the environmental impact of food systems, learn about greenwashing tactics, and delve into the challenges posed by large-scale animal factories.
  • Assess the real-world impact of plant-based investing and understand the concept of megatrends.
  • Dive into innovative food technologies like fermented foods and cultivated meat, and explore their potential.
  • Navigate your investment journey by learning to make value-based decisions, understanding market trends, and applying learned lessons.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1

Understanding Impact Investing

  • Lesson 1: Unveiling Impact Investing

  • Lesson 2: Profit and Change - Finding your Balance

  • Lesson 3: Aligning Investments with Values

  • Lesson 4: A Personal Journey to Impact Investing

  • Lesson 5: Power of Shareholder Engagement

  • Lesson 6: Aligning Values with Investments Exercise


5 lessons, 5 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet + Quiz

Chapter 2

Dive into Plant-Based Innovation Investing

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Plant-Based Investing

  • Lesson 2: The Genesis and Purpose of Plant-Based Investing

  • Lesson 3: Popularity and Prominent Players in the Field

  • Lesson 4: Consumers of Plant-Based Products

  • Lesson 5: Government's Role in Plant-Based Investing

  • Lesson 6: Meat Companies' View on Plant-Based Innovation


5 lessons, 5 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet + Quiz

Chapter 3

Environmental Impact and Food System Challenges

  • Lesson 1: Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Methane Factor

  • Lesson 2: Deforestation and Investment Considerations

  • Lesson 3: Understanding Food Insecurity

  • Lesson 4: Food Supply System's Role in Pandemic Risks

  • Lesson 5: Unmasking Greenwashing Tactics - PDF


5 lessons, 5 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 4

Assessing the Impact of Animal Factories

  • Lesson 1: The Scale of Animal Factories

  • Lesson 2: Consequences of Large-Scale Animal Factories

  • Lesson 3: Towards Sustainable Solutions


3 lessons, 3 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 5

Evaluating the Real Impact of Our Choices

  • Lesson 1: Quantifying the Impact of Plant-Based Investing

  • Lesson 2: Sources of Impact Assessment

  • Lesson 3: Is the World Shifting to Veganism?

  • Lesson 4: Grasping the Concept of Megatrends

  • Lesson 5: Exploring the Value of Megatrends - PDF


4 lessons, 4 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet + Quiz

Chapter 6

Exploring Innovative Food Technologies

  • Lesson 1: Defining the Scope of Innovation

  • Lesson 2: The Rise of Fermented Foods

  • Lesson 3: The Potential of Cultivated Meat


3 lessons, 3 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 7

Navigating Your Investment Journey

  • Lesson 1: Start Small, Based on Your Values

  • Lesson 2: Timing the Market: Myth vs Reality

  • Lesson 3: Tackling Inflation, Recessions, and Market Swings

  • Lesson 4: Starting Your Impact Investing Journey

  • Lesson 5: Learning from Investing: No Mistakes, Just Lessons


5 lessons, 5 Videos + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + Quiz

Chapter 8


  • Lesson 1: Top 10 Impact Investing Tips

  • Final Assessment

  • Disclaimer

  • Course Survey


2 lessons, 0 Videos + 2 PDF Downloadable Worksheets + 1 Quiz

Plant-based Innovation Meets Impact Investing: Cultivating Change 

The world is evolving rapidly, and today’s challenges—climate change, food security, and biodiversity loss, to name a few—demand innovative solutions. One area where innovation is sprouting up is in the plant-based sector. From cell-cultured meats to sustainable agriculture, plant-based innovation is not just a trend; it’s a revolution. And guess what? You can be part of this transformative journey through the power of impact investing.

What is Impact Investing?

Impact investing is a way to potentially generate not just a financial return, but also a social or environmental impact. It's your chance to align your investment dollars with your values and aspirations for a better world. Imagine contributing to cleaner oceans, healthier forests, or more ethical food systems and seeing those changes happen in your lifetime—that’s the power of impact investing.

Why Plant-based Innovation?

The plant-based sector offers a world of possibilities for innovation, from alternative proteins like Beyond Meat to vertical farming solutions that optimize land use. These breakthroughs are not only impressive technologically but also have a significant potential for positive social and environmental impact. By channeling funds into companies or projects that are pioneering plant-based innovations, you're essentially voting for a greener, more sustainable future.

Making an Impact Through Investment

So how does impact investing tie into plant-based innovation? Simple. Your dollars can fuel the companies and technologies that are set to revolutionize our food systems, energy solutions, and even positively impact healthcare. Your investment can help further innovation on cell-cultivated and diversified proteins, or it can accelerate the research and development of drought-resistant crops. The point is, where you choose to invest can either speed up or slow down these critical innovations.

Areas to Focus On

If you're wondering where exactly you can make an impact, the sky’s the limit. In the realm of plant-based innovation, this could mean backing companies focusing on:

  • Sustainable Ag-Tech and agricultural innovations
  • Plant-based foods
  • Sustainable ingredients and innovations along the food systems supply chain
  • Biodiversity conservation and nature-based solutions
  • Protein diversification based on cell-cultured and fermented protein fuelled by plants

The Bigger Picture

Impact investing and plant-based innovation are like two peas in a pod. Together, they have the power to drive change, disrupt traditional industries, and set us on a path toward a more sustainable and equitable world.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're an investment guru or someone who's never bought a stock, impact investing in plant-based innovation offers a unique opportunity to put your money where your mouth—and heart—is. The future is green, and it’s ours to invest in.

So, are you ready to be a part of this green revolution? The power to cultivate change is in your hands and investment portfolio.


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