Career Strategies and Tools for Achieving Your Greatest Potential

Bigger, Better and Braver Approach to Career Success! – Nancy Pickard is a Master Integrative Life Coach, and speaker . She is also the author of the international best seller book, Bigger Better Braver: Conquer Your Fears, Embrace Your Courage and Transform your Life.

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Nancy Pickard
Master Integrative Life Coach and Best Selling Author of Bigger Better Braver: Conquer Your Fears, Embrace Your Courage and Transform Your Life,

Nancy has spent over ten years working with entrepreneurs and executives to help them achieve their greatest potential in work and in life.

In this course she shares with you tools and strategies that will help propel you forward in work and in life. You will learn how to unlock your vision for optimal success. You will discover ways to step out of your comfort zone, how to move forward with your fears and how to put your trust in your faith and not in your fear.

Upon completion of this course you will have strengthened your sense of self trust and have the confidence to make powerful decisions. You will possess the courage to apply your gifts and skills in order to achieve your greatest potential.

In this course you will learn.

  • How to get out of autopilot
  • How to unlock the vision for the greatest version of your life
  • How to recognise when you self-sabotage
  • How to establish boundaries
  • How to disempower beliefs that keep you stuck

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1

Chapter One: Imagine the Career of Your Dreams

  • Video Lesson 1 Just Imagine!
  • Video Lesson 2 Getting Out of Autopilot
  • Video Lesson 3 It Starts With Listening to Your Body
  • Video Lesson 4 Obstacles that Ignite Autopilot
  • PDF Lesson 5 Autopilot Obstacles
  • Video Lesson 6 Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

5 lessons, 5 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet

Chapter 2

Chapter Two: Unlocking the Vision for Your Greatest Version of Your Life

  • Video Lesson 1 What is Your Vision
  • Video Lesson 2 Creating Your Vision Boards
  • Video Lesson 3 Vision Board Meditation
  • PDF Lesson 4 Uncovering Your Vision

3 lessons, 3 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet

Chapter 3

Chapter Three: What’s Your Self-Sabotage Recipe?

  • Video Lesson 1 Knowing When You Self-Sabotage
  • Video Lesson 2 Why Women Self-Sabotage
  • Video Lesson 3 Self-Sabotage Triggers
  • PDF Lesson 4 Drivers and Triggers for Self Sabotage

3 lessons, 3 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet

Chapter 4

Chapter Four: Disempowering Beliefs That Keep You Stuck

  • Video Lesson 1 Shadow Beliefs
  • Video Lesson 2 How Do you Uncover a Shadow Belief
  • Video Lesson 3 Unconscious Commitments that Undermine Your Career
  • Video Lesson 4 Tapping Tool for New Conscious Commitments
  • PDF Lesson 5 Tapping Tool for New Beliefs
  • PDF Lesson 6 Unconscious Commitment Process

4 lessons, 4 Videos + 2 PDF Downloadable Worksheets

Chapter 5

Chapter Five: Responsibility, Choices, and Excuses

  • Video Lesson 1 Be the Co-Creator of Your Life
  • Video Lesson 2 Every Choice Matters
  • Video Lesson 3 Excuses & Fear
  • PDF Lesson 4 Observer Vs Reactor

3 lessons, 3 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet

Chapter 6

Chapter Six: Disowned Qualities

  • Video Lesson 1 Uncovering Your Disowned Qualities
  • Video Lesson 2 Taking Back Your Disowned Qualities
  • PDF Lesson 3 Disowned Qualities

2 lessons, 2 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet

Chapter 7

Chapter Seven: Healthy Boundaries

  • Video Lesson 1 Healthy Boundaries
  • Video Lesson 2 The Balance of Two
  • Video Lesson 3 Crossing Your Own Boundaries
  • Video Lesson 4: Overdue Boundaries
  • Video Lesson 5 Boundary Pyramid
  • Video Lesson 6 Boundary Scripts
  • PDF Lesson 7 Leaky Boundaries

6 lessons, 6 Videos + 1 PDF Downloadable Worksheet

Chapter 8


  • Video Conclusion

1 lesson, 1 Video + 0 PDF Downloadable Worksheets

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