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94% of employees say they would stay at a company if it invested in their learning and development.

LinkedIn – Workforce Learning Report

Upskilling a small team or your entire organization?

Professional Development is the # 1 Benefit that Employees care about in 2022! Increase your employee engagement and loyalty with genconnectU for business

genconnetU for business helps you take your talent to next level! Inspire your employees and teams with personalized access over 4,000 lessons and hundreds of on-demand courses from the world best-in-class experts. Give then the tools they need to help realize their dreams and your company’s goals.

Learning and improving soft skills will help your employees become:

  • Stronger Leaders
  • Better Communicators
  • More Mindful Managers
  • Confident
  • Creative
  • Motivated and Driven

An upskill program will positively impact your company’s diversity, equality and inclusion ratios and is a pathway to a stranger, healthier bottom line.

Teaching and polishing soft skills like leadership 2022, working from home, presenting live and virtually, running a meeting from anywhere, networking, storytelling and much more are essential to your company’s growth now more than even before.

Customized Enterprise Programming

Just like your employees interests, coutinuing education is not a “one size fits all.” At gcU we customize each program for the company and it’s unique brand, product line, executive positioning and employee demands.

gcU customized enterprise eduTech solutions include these select offerings:


Co-branded for
licensee enterprise

Customized content produced and branded for company

Unlimited Subscriptions for multiple distribution up to 12 months

Group Live Stream bi-weekly with Expert Instruction – Bi-Weekly Includes: Invite, Management, Production, Analytics

Course-codes provide company user with access to all courses in gcU

Accreditations created for CPD, badging, branding and internal evaluations

Track user engagement and understand what your employees want to learn more of


Customized course production with company executives

For an Enterprise package tailored for you