Sarah Collins

Social Activist, New Wealth Creator, Inventor , Wonderbag

About This Expert

Sarah Collins – a South African adventurer, entrepreneur and lifelong social activist – has worked tirelessly over the past two decades to initiate change in the realms of gender-equality and environmental sustainability.

Her career has seen her set-up the NGO, Take Bake Back the Future, to encourage young people to take ownership of the earth’s natural resources. She also established the first community based safari company – Planet Okavango- building what is now one of the primary sources of tourism for the area. In the political arena, Sarah founded the South African political party, Women Forward, to highlight rural development for women. With all of this on her plate, Sarah still wanted more.

In 2008, she created the Wonderbag to ease the impact of health, environmental, and socioeconomic problems facing Africa and developing countries. Since its launch, over 700,000 bags have been distributed throughout Africa to families in need.

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