Sarah Brokaw

Licensed Therapist, Author

About This Expert

Sarah Brokaw is a licensed therapist with a private practice in Beverly Hills, California where she specializes in relational dynamics. Her involvement with the wellness community is complemented by her engagement with the world at large. She is a psychotherapist and philanthropist skilled at helping people on an individual, as well as a communal basis.

Four years ago, inspired by the remarkable women she has met on her journey, Sarah created a six-week series in which women of diverse backgrounds meet, share, and support each other in achieving their professional and personal goals, The common thread through all of Sarah’s work is a unique capacity for bringing individuals to a more confident expression of their authentic self and a greater understanding of themselves within a group.

Philanthropically, she is actively involved with the organization Women for Women International and has had the opportunity to travel to Rwanda and Bosnia where she has met the courageous women who were once socially excluded individuals but who have learned to become powerful members of the community due to their participation in the Women for Women International’s one year educational program and support from their sponsors at large.

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