Philippe Cousteau

Emmy-nominated Television Host, Environmentalist, Executive producer of Awesome Planet, Awesome Planet

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Philippe Cousteau is an Emmy-nominated television host, environmentalist, author and social entrepreneur. Inspired by the work of his father Philippe Sr. and grandfather Jacques, his life-mission is to empower people to recognize their ability to change the world.

Philippe is the host and executive producer of Awesome Planet a new series that airs every Saturday morning syndicated on Fox and then Sunday free on Hulu. As a special correspondent for CNN he has hosted several award-winning shows including Going Green and Expedition Sumatra. Over the years he has hosted television series for the BBC, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.

As an author, Philippe has co-written many books including Going Blue and Make a Splash both of which have won multiple awards including Learning Magazine’s 2011 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family, a Gold Nautilus Award and a 2010 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Gold Award.

Philippe is also a successful social entrepreneur who believes in the power of commerce to do good. In 2012 he partnered with AdvisorShares Investments to launch the Global Echo Exchange Traded Fund on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:GIVE). GIVE is the first actively managed ETF with a sustainable mandate on the NYSE. His philanthropic efforts are focused on solving global social and environmental problems.

In 2004 he founded EarthEcho International, a leading environmental education organization that is creating a whole new generation of environmental citizens; youth equipped with the knowledge to understand environmental challenges, the critical thinking skills to solve them, and the motivation to do so.

In addition, Philippe founded the GlobalEcho Foundation, a sister organization to his investment fund which donates a percentage of the fund’s management fee to support project

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