Paula Silver

Board Member, The Mr. Hollands’ Opus Foundation

About This Expert

Paula has more than 25 years of experience in the development, production and marketing of motion pictures.
At the Walt Disney Company, Paula was renowned for creating an award-winning marketing campaign for Mr. Hollands’ Opus, which revitalized ‘grass roots’ marketing, for the industry, and contributed to that film’s $90 million box office success.
Paula served as President of Marketing and Publicity at Columbia Pictures Worldwide. Paula spent 15 years working in the advertising industry prior to becoming a Hollywood studio executive.

Paula has applied her communication skills outside the entertainment industry. A passion for cultural and civic issues has led Paula to become an active member in organizations and foundations promoting the arts and social well being for others. She created and currently sits on the board of The Mr. Hollands’ Opus Foundation.Similarly, she spearheaded the inception and sits on the board of Dr. Keith Black¹s Brain Trust created for the continued funding of revolutionary neuro-surgical research at Cedars Sinai.

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