Patricia Searing

Researcher and Scientist

About This Expert

Patricia Searing, Ph.D., is a frontier thinker and gifted speaker whose penetrating ideas reflect her rich background as a therapist, teacher, researcher, scientist and philosopher. Intuitive and lecturer in the field of health, inner knowing and human development psychology, Patricia is consulted frequently within both traditional and alternative healthcare settings. She has collaborated in various clinical research studies including examining the effect of distant healing prayer with Kansas City’s Children’s Mercy Hospital. Patricia served as an external examiner for Andrew Weil’s Fellowship Program for the Center of Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona. She has published numerous works on integrative health and consciousness studies, including her new book: Natural Healing: Dimensions of a Healing Relationship. Dr. Searing is a well known leader and teacher in the field of bioenergetics and the relationship between mind and body and the psychology of healing. Contact me:

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