Norah Casey

Publisher, Presenter, Broadcaster

About This Expert

I have a reputation for being a Dragon (the rarer female variety) but I am much nicer in real life. You might also know me as a magazine publisher and in more recent years as a television presenter, radio broadcaster and author. But I am also a widow, a single mum, a former nurse and a passionate advocate for social change towards that elusive dream of equality. I like to kickstart badly needed conversations through my writing or broadcasting whether it is in the area of racial prejudice, homelessness, women’s rights or dying with dignity.

I also believe in the power of enterprise and entrepreneurship. Everyone has the ability to be their own boss regardless of their social background, age or area of expertise. What drives me on is the belief that I can, in my own infinitesimal way, effect change. You are as likely to find me talking to a group of transition year students as MBA graduates. And my choice of television and radio programming will always reflect who I am and what I believe in.

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