Melanie Warner


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Melanie Warner (aka Wander Woman) is a travel and lifestyle journalist with over 3 million monthly readers and has served as the founder, publisher and editor of magazines and newspapers over the last 20 years – including: The Hollywood Monthly Magazine, The City Guide, Inside Clovis, Inside Fresno, The Fresno The Magazine, Home & Garden Magazine, and Bride & Groom Magazine.

In 2006, Warner was named Entrepreneur of the Year in California by Union Bank of California. As a travel and lifestyle journalist, she is a regular contributor to various print and online sources with a combined readership of over two million avid readers, travelers and followers each month. She has been a host for the Crooked Path (a travel TV show), and has written hundreds of travel stories over the years. She specializes in luxury and adventure trips, helping travelers discover the best vacations and unique trips in the world – without breaking the bank.

She is a mother to three kids and currently lives in Fresno, California, where she is completing her next book. To follow her other travel articles and reviews, visit her Facebook page.

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