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Lark Gould is an award-winning international journalist who has spent several decades of her writing career covering travel — not only as a requirement of the information needed in a continuously traveling society — but also as an industry.

She holds a Masters Degree in journalism and spent many years as a news reporter for metro dailies and wire services. But she found her true path when writing about famine, war and cultural migrations in Africa during the turbulent 1980s and 1990s. She focused her coverage on Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Yemen, writing for such companies as the Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, AP, Aramco World News, and the Boston Phoenix.

The past two decades, however, have been devoted to covering travel as a leisure and luxury industry and as a business. With bureau chief positions at Travel Agent Magazine and Recommend over a span of nearly two decades, Lark has managed beats in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, US West, Las Vegas, Hawaii, and the South and North Pacific.
She continues to inform her readers on news about the cruising industry, airline commerce, destinations, hotels and travel trends through Travel-Intel, a publication sent weekly to more than 100,000 travel agent and travel industry subscribers looking for original reporting and digestible features about the companies and destinations they market.

Lark also serves an Associate Editor for the online communities travel section of the Washington Times and is relaunching, a site for destination and vacation information and for travelers who would like to learn the skills needed for travel writing and blogging about the places they visit. In addition, she assists travel and hospitality marketing companies, such as Kurtz-Alhers & Associates, in leveraging their digital footprint through editorial content.

As a seasoned journalist Lark brings her precision writing skills to Internet marketing, digital publishing and SEO mastery, often speaking at travel industry conferences on how to use blogging and organic content optimization effectively to market and promote brands and businesses. She hopes to bring such knowledge to aspiring travel writers as well.

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