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Certified Coach

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Karen specializes in incorporating HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) into her programs to give each client a truly personalized approach to bettering their health and wellness. Hair contains all the minerals present in the body including nutritional minerals and toxic heavy metals. The mineral content of hair provides a wealth of information as to your nutritional status and how efficiently your body is working. As well as being easily collected in the comfort of your own home, a very small, properly obtained hair sample can show the accumulation of toxic metals and your mineral status over a long period of time as opposed to blood testing which gives the information at the moment the blood is taken. Urine sampling gives the information on what the body is excreting but not necessarily what it is absorbing or storing.

Karen began her wellness journey after her husband was diagnosed with cancer and she with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease. She utilized more than 20 years of research and experience to help herself and her husband heal and eventually become asymptomatic from their conditions. She continues to share her knowledge and coach others through her business Go Healthy With Karen ®.

Mission: Karen is passionate about partnering with her clients and working one on one to enhance general health and wellness. She creates personalized programs for her client’s individual health needs, in addition to incorporating what is actually sustainable on a daily basis. This approach has been very successful in helping clients to not only see results quickly, but also in meeting their wellness goals and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.


Conditions: Thyroid (Hyper/Hypo), Autoimmune Diseases, Anxiety & Stress, Hormone Imbalances, Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Imbalances, Vitamin Deficiencies, Mineral Imbalances, Immune Support

Nutrition: Food Sensitivities, Gut Health, Whole Food & Non-Diet Plans

Environmental: Chemical & Heavy Metal Detox – Person, Product & Environment

Pregnancy Health: Preconception through Postpartum

Background: Karen graduated from Lehigh University, Suma Cum Laude, and later pursued her dual coaching certifications in health and pregnancy. As a certified Detox Coach, she has been trained to analyze HTMA data, which perfectly aligned with her existing specialties in nutrition and chemical & heavy metal detox. Karen and her programs have been featured on numerous podcasts, magazine articles, and website posts as well as being a coach for a leading wellness app and for Myers Detox Programs.

Karen lives in the metro Atlanta area with her husband and enjoys long walks with her fur baby, Cody. She has one daughter in college and another who recently graduated.

“I love to make it easy and fun for my clients to become a healthier version of themselves. When I hear that someone slept better, or had energy to play with their kids instead of taking a nap, or felt happier and less anxious, I know I have truly found my passion!”

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