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I have made every single decision in my life by following my heart. I am authentically living the message of this book.

I never intended to write a book. But following my heart led me to write one. This book is the proudest accomplishment of my life. Following my heart always leads to amazing things so I know that it is the best way to live and I will always stand by that.

I am the author of this book but I am also very much the reader. I refer to my book daily to find the inspiration and guidance that I need so my journey is very authentic because I truly follow the wisdom of my book and know it to be true. I believe in every single word thing that I have written and rely on it daily to guide me.

I traveled around the world for a year by myself. I spontaneously left a very secure investment banking job and flew to Australia for two weeks without a plan. Because I decided to follow my heart. I went against the grain of what society would have expected me to do – to remain unhappy in a job because of the money and the stability – and I followed my heart and courageously left all of that behind. I continued traveling on my own for the next year without any guidance or set plan. I lived moment to moment and I trusted myself in every moment to figure out what was best for me, and kept following my heart. I learned to live each day to the fullest and relied upon the intuition of my heart to find my way around the world. I feel incredibly confident encouraging others to follow their hearts because I always follow my own heart so the message of this book is very real.

I have held many jobs in finance, entertainment, hospitality, non-profit, marketing, publishing, sales and legal so I feel very confident in relating to and engaging with people across all industries and positions regarding following their hearts in their careers. My experiences have been so varied and multi-faceted that I feel very comfortable helping people to navigate any challenges or concerns that arise when they decide to take a leap of faith in their career. Because I have taken so many risks and have relied upon many leaps of faith in my own career, I feel confident and trustworthy in encouraging people to follow their hearts and to make the changes that they want to make to create the career of their dreams.

I have been in many relationships and have still always supported myself. I know the intricacies of being in a relationship and the challenges of making ends meet as a single woman. I can help people to navigate their own relationships and make any changes they want to make because I have been through so much and have a great deal of experience with many different relationship dynamics. I also have the confidence to know that I can do it on my own so I know that I can inspire women to believe that they can do it on their own too if they want to or need to.

In every part of my life, if I talk the talk, I always walk the walk. I am believable and trustworthy and dependable. I am authentic and I will always tell the truth about my experience and my journey. If I say that I am going to do something, I will always do it. Given the breadth of my experiences, I am comfortable talking to anyone about anything in their lives because I have been exposed to so many different people in so many different environments. I know how much I have been through in my life so I wholeheartedly welcome all conversations. I am uniquely prepared to be the leader that this book and this course require me to be and to be the woman who will share the message worldwide because of the life that I have lived.

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