Jamison Monroe

Founder , Newport Academy

About This Expert

With years of personal recovery experience, compassionate and effective treatment of adolescent health is mission critical to Jamison Monroe. Jamison is the founder of the Newport Academy, the nation’s leading teen treatment and recovery center for anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, self-harm and co-occurring disorders.

Raised in what might have appeared like an idyllic childhood environment, Jamison began his descent into alcohol and drug abuse as a teen, while hiding behind that all too familiar ‘happy family” facade. As a teen, Jamison was admitted to a number of well-known treatment programs where he would remain sober for a handful of months before relapsing. Despite a supportive family, Jamison remained in this life-threatening cycle until he was admitted to a treatment center that focused on personalized, comprehensive and holistic treatment that allowed him to safely address his individual underlying issues, while balancing an effective amount of family involvement. While this facility was excellent, it did not treat teens. Jamison then set out to open a facility that provides the highest quality care for teens and their families.

Thoroughly passionate about all aspects of recovery, Jamison has immersed himself in a multitude of projects that focus on the battle against substance abuse and his commitment to eliminating the stigma associated with mental health diagnosis. Currently enjoying praise for a truly game changing documentary about the prescription drug abuse epidemic in Orange County and beyond called Behind The Orange Curtain, Jamison, is a regular national news contributor on the topic of adolescent mental health and an award-winning global advocate for effective healthcare provisions for adolescent addiction treatment. As a result, Jamison has emerged as an international youth advocate and recently testified in front of the Parliament of the United Kingdom on the subject of teen prescription drug abuse.

Jamison’s global impact has been recognized by a host of international dignitaries and his tireless efforts have earned him several accolades including the illustrious Mona Mansell Award, which was presented to Jamison in 2014 by the Freedom Institute for his indelible mark on the addiction community and his passion for positive change, and the Mental Health Association of Orange County’s Community Service Award, which is given to individuals who have made a positive contribution to the mental health community.

Jamison currently resides in New York City and serves on the board of directors for several non-profits and some of the world’s most progressive creative thinking projects such as the Inspiration Foundation, Global Adolescent Project, The EIC’s Prism Awards, and is a Recovery Month planning partner for SAMHSA worldwide. A regular contributor to CNN, HLN, The Huffington Post and other major news outlets, Jamison Monroe Jr. continues to raise the bar wherever his passion and commitment take him.

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