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Dr. Elham Jafari, M.D. is among the most-experienced aesthetic and cosmetic specialists in the Orange County with unrivaled expertise in most advanced out-patient and non-surgical anti-aging, rejuvenating and aesthetic procedures. An artist and an advocate of whole-face and body rejuvenation with emphasis on achieving natural-looking results, Dr. Jafari is the ultimate expert when it comes to cosmetic medicine and liquid facelift procedures!

But don’t let all her qualifications and expertise and years of experience treating thousands of patients intimidate you! Dr. Jafari always ensures to allow a substantial part of her time to consult and treat patients who are new to the wonderful world of cosmetic medicine in addition to caring for her existing patients. She fully understands the concerns and hesitations that some patients have and keep them on fence from doing anything to their face or body.

Her consultations are performed in a professional yet relaxed and friendly atmosphere and she listens to you carefully. Dr. Jafari places great emphasis on highlighting the gradual changes that take place during years of aging and reviews them with the patients by going over pictures taken over years. Then she discusses the treatment options available to address the issues and reverse the work of aging process in the most effective way. This way, she ensures that her patients would get their own natural look, only years younger.

Dr. Jafari is on the forefront of cosmetic medicine and surgery and it newest advancements. She is a member of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) and she holds several certificates for completion of advanced training courses on various cosmetic procedures while being an instructor for other physicians and training other doctors for various cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. She has been among the first few physicians in the area to offer treatments such as Sculptra, Bellafill, Kybella, Voluma and PDO Thread Lift and she has pioneered several novel techniques to better perform her cosmetic injections and procedures.

Dr. Jafari has always maintained a keen interest in advanced cosmetic medicine, as demonstrated by her extensive training in various aspects of aesthetic medicine. Dr. Jafari has successfully completed several advanced training courses in various cosmetic medical procedures including injectables such as Botox and fillers, Kybella, PRP, micro-cannula injection technique, various Laser applications, photofacial, micro-needling, body sculpting and chemical peels.

Dr. Jafari is a double-board-certified, fellowship-trained physician and cosmetic surgeon and an experienced Aesthetic and Laser Medicine specialist, as well as a California-licensed Physician and Surgeon. Dr. Jafari completed her medical internship at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and her residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, and she continued to complete her fellowship at UCLA.

Dr. Jafari’s academic training in Neurology and Neuromuscular Medicine – where she studied extensively the anatomy of nerves and muscles and mastered therapeutic use of Botox among other clinical expertise – provides her with invaluable knowledge and skill in providing best treatment for her patients, particularly in the face area which is packed with nerves, fine muscles, vessels and other sensitive anatomical features. Relying on her advanced and rarely-rivaled knowledge of the anatomy of the face, Dr. Jafari can skillfully perform even the most challenging cosmetic injections in the face and provide her patients with instant liquid facelift procedures with incredible results.

Dr. Jafari’s additional sub-specialty training in Neuromuscular medicine has given her a distinguished level of knowledge and expertise for cosmetic injections especially in face area, where she can make injections using fine needles and novel techniques such as micro-cannula with utmost precision to achieve the desired goals with minimal risk of complications. Dr. Jafari is one of the leading physicians in Orange County who routinely performs injections using flexible microcannula. She has received accolades and recognition from various entities, including being recognized as a Platinum-level physician by Allergan, and recognition as a Voluma Specialist.

Dr. Jafari is a caring physician who prides herself on constantly staying updated with the state-of-art techniques, most recent medical findings, and evidence-based guidelines, and providing the best care for her patients. Her goal is to provide the right care, to the right patient, in the right manner, to ensure ultimate patient satisfaction.

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