Dr. Anna Akbari

Sociologist, entrepreneur, innovation consultant, and writer.

About This Expert

Dr. Anna Akbari is a sociologist, entrepreneur, innovation consultant, and writer.  She is a former professor in the department of Media, Culture, and Communication and the department of Art and Art Professions at New York University, as well as the Art and Design History and Theory department at Parsons The New School for Design. Her research focuses on visual and virtual self-presentation, technology and human intersects, dating and interpersonal relationships, and happiness and well-being. 

Akbari is the founder of Sociology of Style, which takes an intelligent approach to image and well-being and offers holistic image consulting and life coaching services.  She also created the Sociology of TV, which offers videos and white papers on the social significance of television media in public spaces.

She is a partner in HVCK, an innovation consultancy, and the co-creator of the Silicon Valley Insider’s Edge video series for entrepreneurs and enterprise employees. She’s worked with Cisco, Samsung, DIRECTV, Converse, Avon, Coca-Cola, Lenovo, Tata Communications, SABMiller, Toyota, CableLabs, LG, Sprint, Vitamin Water, Pepsi, Converse, Beverage Marketing Corp, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy, KBS+, Northstar, Sense Worldwide and many more.  

A prominent thought leader, she is a frequent guest and writer for such outlets as TED, CNN, The Atlantic, DailyWorth, The Bulletproof Executive, Huffington Post, and the Financial Times, as well as a keynote speaker and lecturer at universities, professional conferences, and corporate events.  

Order her book, Startup Your Life: Hustle and Hack Your Way To Happiness (St. Martin’s Press), watch her Google Talk and TED talk, take the Sociology of Style quiz or sign up for her image transformation video courses for women and men, check out the HVCK video series for entrepreneurs and enterprise, follow her on Twitter or Instagram, sing with her, hire her (or just say hello).

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