Diane Breneman

Founder and creator of Meditative Science

About This Expert

Since 2010, Diane Breneman has been teaching meditation and contemplative practice at diverse venues across the Kansas City metropolitan area. Diane has taught for hospitals, doctors, therapists, churches, temples, the Y, a large inner city charity for at risk children, a college prep school and a major university. She has also served as co-chair of a metropolitan-wide resilience tool-building committee. She currently teaches classes based in mindfulness, loving kindness, compassion and formative techniques.

Diane spent over 25 years as an attorney, creating a national practice representing catastrophically burned people, 80% of which were burned children or parents who lost a child to a burn injury. During that time, she became fascinated by the science behind the effective use of meditation and other contemplative practices to relieve stress, create health and wellness, address pain, provide emotional resilience, support caregivers and even shift experiences of trauma.

As she moved deeper into her own practice, she also realized the depth of life experience that was made possible for herself and those she worked with through these powerful inner practices.

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