Dalia Feldheim

Author, Leadership Coach, Organizational Psychologist

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I am on a mission to enable organizations to promote a more authentic, happier and psychologically-safe working culture

After spending 2 decades as a C-suite Executive at Fortune 500 companies – I experienced firsthand both feeling stuck – unable to bring my best self to work and being in complete flow, and the high-performance organization and results this state drives.

I have walked the halls of major organizations and seen dozens of eyes devoid of the spark, the excitement, and the purpose that shines from within.

I complimented my practical experience with the theories of Organizational Development and Positive Psychology, to create a holistic leadership training program – Flow Leadership.

I am now on a mission to share my insights and learnings, successes and struggles to help shape the new generation of leaders.

  • Leaders that promote a more purposeful, happier and psychologically-safe working culture
  • Leaders that invest in their mental and physical energy to manage stress and persevere
  • Leaders that enable their employees to bring their best selves to work and achieve their goals with meaning and joy, ultimately maximizing the company’s performance

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