Claudia Calvin

Founder, Mujeres Construyendo

About This Expert

Claudia Calvin-Venero directs the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations and is the founder of Mujeres Construyendo, the latter of which is a growing Internet community aimed at empowering Spanish-speaking female voices on the Web in Latin America and beyond. Mujeres Construyendo translates to “women who build.”

The Mexican Council on Foreign Relations is a non-profit, members-only institution located in Mexico City, devoted to analyzing and influencing Mexican foreign policy and increasing domestic understanding of economic, social and cultural issues. Claudia served on the transition team for former Mexican President Vicente Fox, and also held positions within his administration, including as director general of international activities and gender for former Mexico First Lady Marta Sahagún de Fox.

Claudia attended college at The University of Southern California Annenberg, then later worked on behalf of Mexico-based foreign correspondents for newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and The Miami Herald.

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