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Sandy Yawn, always the professional, earned a United States Coastguard Masters of Oceans 1600T/3000T and the United States Coast Guard and Maritime Coast Guard Agency Class IV CEC. She values professional organizations and remains an active member of the Captain’s Advisory Council for SeaKeepers Society, International Super Yachts Society, United States Super Yacht Association, and the Professional Yachting Association.

The undeniable resilience Yawn possesses has not only pushed her to the top of the yachting industry but also allowed her to focus on philanthropic collaboration, ocean advocacy, and children’s education. Yawn is an active board member or advisor for many philanthropic groups including the Jacksonville School for Autism, a not-for-profit organization that Yawn’s sister founded for the captain’s nephew, Nicholas.

Yawn continually uses her experience and life’s trials and tribulations to educate and help others. She survived a life-threatening motorcycle accident, pirate invasion, and even cancer. She appeared on the Emmy Award-winning talk show The Doctors in hopes of sharing her personal experiences to educate others about cancer and health.

Yawn is currently the captain on Bravo TV’s reality show Below Deck Mediterranean. Her unique leadership style of embracing teachable moments to train and educate her staff has earned her fan-favorite accolades. Yawn is a hands-on type captain who leads by example and is not afraid to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Sandy Yawn is also the host of the podcast Conversations with Captain Sandy. You can listen to it on Spotify.

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