Ashley Miles

Founder & CEO - Franklyn West

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Ashley Miles is a Game Changer. Mobilizer. Builder and Scaler of Innovative Companies. Dynamic Business Leader paired with a Creative Spirit. Connector of Visionary people. She leads with a play-to-win mentality, stemming from her childhood days as a competitive Equestrian horseback rider, which explains her inner cowgirl spirit in life and business.

Ashley Miles is the Founder & CEO of Franklyn West, a Business Growth Collective, committed to transformation and sustainable growth for businesses and leaders. Previously, she served as the Global Chief Business Officer at Thrive Global, reporting directly to Founder/CEO Arianna Huffington. She led worldwide sales, marketing and business operations focused on monetization and accelerating growth through Thrive’s enterprise, SaaS and brand partnerships.

Prior to Thrive, she spent over six years building and scaling Refinery29, the leading digital media and entertainment company for women. Ashley exponentially helped scale Refinery29, drove and diversified revenue growth to a nine-figure business, including the launch and expansion of 29Rooms, the company’s most expansive offline, global activation. As Chief Client Officer, Head of Advertising, NA, she led Refinery29’s advertising and revenue strategy, growth and development, and oversaw Sales, Marketing Solutions, Client Services, Media Planning and Ops.

Ashley is a co-host of The Impossible Podcast platform – giving viewers a seat at the table to learn how business moguls, professional athletes, artists, and proven game-changers across all industries overcame impossible setbacks in their journeys to success.

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