Amy Newmark


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Amy Newmark has led a successful 30-year career as a writer, speaker, financial analyst and business executive in the worlds of finance and telecommunications. Most recently, Newmark has teamed up with one of the most successful book series of all time – Chicken Soup for the Soul® – as publisher, author, and editor.

Newmark joined the commercial sector while in college, editing a newsletter about opportunities to sell telecom equipment in Brazil. This led to a new passion for the telecommunications industry, culminating in a position at the Gartner Group, where she wrote several books on telecommunications and ran the telecommunications services practice. Newmark then moved to Wall Street in 1981, where she wrote and spoke about telecommunications and information services, providing stock picks and pans to mutual funds and hedge fund clients before starting her own hedge fund in 1993.

Newmark stepped in as publisher of Chicken Soup for the Soul in 2008, the year of the brand’s fifteenth anniversary. She is delighted to have come full circle in her writing career – from collecting poetry in Brazil as a 20-year-old, to 30 years writing about business, back to collecting stories and poems for Chicken Soup for the Soul.

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