Amy Hughes


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This Old House features how editor Amy Hughes was reared on restoration. Her parents’ passion for buying and fixing up older homes took her through 12 residences before the age of 18.

Since joining This Old House in 2001, Amy conceptualized and continues to oversee the magazine’s “Salvage Style” column, which builds on her expertise for rescuing and reusing architectural antiques. Amy’s devotion extends to her own home, where her salvage projects and techniques have been featured in the magazine, step-by-step videos on, and in an upcoming book that is sure to be the definitive inspirational resource and how-to guide for turning cast-off architectural details into high-class, low-cost decor.

After completing her undergraduate studies at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communications, Amy joined New Jersey’s Asbury Park Press where she worked as a metro reporter. Later she delved into financial news writing at Dow Jones Newswires where she focused on personal finance. Prior to joining This Old House, Amy was a reporter at Talk magazine, where she covered politics and business. Amy’s DIY expertise has been featured on CNN, WNBC, WB 11 Morning News, the Chicago Tribune, and Reuters.

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