Amanda Goldfarb


About This Expert

Amanda Goldfarb is an expert in leading a healthy, nutritious, and balanced life. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC, AADP) and Master’s Candidate of Nutrition & Dietetics, Amanda has learned from top experts in both alternative and mainstream nutrition. In addition to counseling clients on living a healthier lifestyle, Amanda coaches women of all ages around body image, empowering them to love their bodies and step into their fullest, juiciest lives.

Amanda created her blog Cake and Carrots not only out of a desire to become “an expert” on health, nutrition, and balance, but more an interest in sharing her own personal journey and struggles as a former “professional dieter.” Since then she has inspired 1,000’s of women to stop dieting and start to learn to trust themselves through her casual, light-hearted, and fun writing style. She has been featured in Vital Juice as well as Naked Apartments and All Access Internships as a health/wellness expert.



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